2 Sept 2022

Tips to promote your NFT collection

There are many ways to promote digital art. Let's look at simple ways to promote your NFT project to the market and find your target audience who knows what NFT is and is ready to invest a certain amount of money in NFT.

Social media channels

1. Promote on Twitter, Instagram, etc.

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Social Media is a powerful tool to promote and market your NFT collection. These are the two most popular social networks among NFT fans, where the largest number of communities have gathered, actively participating in the topic of promotion, advertising, buying and selling, and development of NFT tokens. 

So you need to create a Twitter/Instagram profile for your NFT Collection.

  • Subscribe to everyone who seems to know what's going on in the NFT world.

  • View many works of other NFT creators, “Like” those who attract you.

  • Comment and repost other collections.

Tell the story behind creating a specific NFT like what tool you used, how the idea originated in your mind, the main theme behind your collection, your setbacks, etc. Also, you need to join conversations about NFT and add value to the ecosystem for building a following.

Community engagement and support are everything in the NFT world. Remember it.

2. Create communities on Discord

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Building a community of loyal followers is one of the most effective strategies to advertise your NFT collection.

There are a host of public servers that you can join, both relating to existing projects and ones that are solely dedicated to promoting new NFT collections. Check out as many servers as you can and engage with the community. Share your art, discuss ideas, and make some friends.

Give a word to influencers

3. Collaborate with influencers

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Influencer marketing is now the most powerful tool to promote your collections. Influencers have huge followings and can sway their audiences to your favor because their opinions are heeded.

An influencer can not only introduce your product to the target audience but also convince them to invest in it.

Depending on who the influencer is, this might be costly, but it could pay off if it gives you exposure and people love your project. 

Initiate the collaboration

4. Collaborate with other NFT creators

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As an NFT art creator, you can team up with musicians, fashion brands, and other NFT artists to release NFT collections.

This will help you:

  • Improve each other's work with the help of other creators and artists.

  • Expand and reach each other's fan base and audience.

5. Create a teaser

alt text

Each digital artwork needs a teaser. Putting out a teaser means giving a general idea of your NFT project, but at the same time keeping the intrigue around it. This advertising method usually generates interest among potential customers and keeps them interested in learning more in case they miss a release date.

A teaser can be a 30-second video or an animation that you can post on social media, display on marketplaces, and publish on multiple websites and blogs.

If you're an artist, do your best to create an engaging trailer (you're an artist, after all) and make the NFT world look forward to your release.

6. Organize an AMA

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Live-stream broadcasts are a great tool to introduce your NFT collection to the audience and guide them in understanding the idea behind your artwork.

You can make these sessions more interesting by introducing free giveaways and rewards for the audience.

Start promoting your NFT on Reviews-NFT

7. List your NFT Collection on Reviews-NFT

We are happy to help you gain the attention of a wider audience for your NFTs to boost your visibility and grow your community!

You just need to add your NFT to Reviews-NFT and fill in the form with all the details about it.

  • The NFT title

  • Official links

  • Project description

In conclusion, we can say that you need to use different methods of promotion. Сhoose those that work the best for you, and put them into practice. May as many people as possible hear about your NFT collections and the results always exceed your expectations!

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