About NFT-Birdies

The nftbirdies.com project team welcomes you.

The project is backed by a team with vast experience in creating DeFi projects and various Ethereum node analysis services.
We created the https://nftbirdies.com project for ourselves to navigate the new changeable NFT market and understand it better, but according to the degree of development of the project, we realized that it would be useful to all participants in the new, burgeoning NFT market.

Our mission is to make the NFT market clear and understandable for all its participants.

What do we do for this?

  • analyze the Ethereum node. We will connect other networks for NFT analysis in 2022.
  • analyze the largest marketplaces such as OpenSea, Binance and others
  • analyze information on Twitter and Youtube about the largest collections

Based on this data, we prepare information about the separate collections and the NFT market in general.

If you have some questions or interested in hearing more about the project and want to join the team, fill out the form below: info@nftbirdies.com

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