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Write guest posts for nft-birdies

If you are an expert in NFT or the author of articles about the crypto world, you can submit your article as a guest post for publication.

We're looking for original insights, which means that your article hasn't been published anywhere else.You will receive full credit as the author of the article or blog, links to Twitter, Discord, LinkedIn, Facebook of the author are welcome.

Your articles will be moderated before posting as they must comply with the site policy.

Add your collections to nft-birdies

If you are the creator of NFT collection, you can publish information about it on nft-birdies.

You must fill out an application form and provide the following information:

  • The collection’s contract address and network information (Ethereum, Polygon, etc.)
  • Links to social networks and official website (if exist)
  • Briefly describe the collection
  • Describe the Roadmap

Use nft-birdies's advertising opportunities to promote your collections

Do you want to tell the entirenft-birdies audience about your NFT collection?

Send a request and we will give you information about the advertising tool available for you and its cost.

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