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We are happy to help you gain the attention of a wider audience for your NFTs to boost your visibility and grow your community!

There are 3 ways to be listed on our platform:

  • Get into the TOP 1 000 collections by Market cap in the Ethereum chain within 7 days.
  • Add your NFT drop by feeling a form
    If you have an NFT drop that you want people to know about, you can spread information on it on our platform. We will review your submission ASAP!
  • Take part in the development of our project and support us.

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Just mention our platform on the official website of your NFT collection, or tell your audience about us on your blog on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or write a few words about us on your Telegram channel. We will be glad to any of your participation in the promotion of our site.

If you want to join the development of our project and want to be listed on our platform, please fill out the form below. Our team will review your information then get back to you.

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