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16 May 2023

Moonbirds and Spotify collaborate to offer an NFT Gated Playlist

    Moonbirds, an Ethereum-based NFT project, has teamed up with Spotify to offer exclusive musical content to holders of their pixelated owl profile pictures. The limited-edition playlist, curated by Song Birds and Danny Lee, features multi-genre hits from iconic artists such as Diplo and Tame Impala. However, holders must come from specific countries and be part of the Android club to access the tunes. This collaboration offers an exciting opportunity for the Moonbirds team to work with renowned Web2 brands and to bolster their NFT project.

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    Spotify has been creating buzz in the Web3 arena recently, having formed a tactical relationship with BAYC supergroup Kingship to offer exclusive playlist access to BAYC members. Like Moonbirds, Kingship's Spotify tracks were only available to Android users. These partnerships indicate a new wave of cross-sector alliances, promising a more immersive and interconnected digital ecosystem. As the Web3 arena advances, it will be interesting to see how Spotify takes advantage of its growing expertise in blockchain technology to enhance its music streaming service and maintain its position as a leader in the music streaming industry.

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    Article: Moonbirds and Spotify collaborate to offer an NFT Gated Playlist
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