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Top Sales of Moonbirds

33 ETH
$ 59,001
Feb 23
30 ETH
$ 53,637
Feb 23
28 ETH
$ 50,061
Feb 26
25.69 ETH
$ 45,931
Mar 4
17.2 ETH
$ 30,752
Mar 11
14.515 ETH
$ 25,952
Mar 12
14.172 ETH
$ 25,338
Mar 2
14 ETH
$ 25,031
Mar 2
14 ETH
$ 25,031
Feb 22
13.5 ETH
$ 24,137
Mar 5
13.5 ETH
$ 24,137
Mar 5
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Top Wallets of Moonbirds

NumberAddressTransactionsPurchase AmountSales AmountLast Deal
757.656 ETH
$ 2M
757.656 ETH
$ 2M
Mar 23
965.157 ETH
$ 2M
Mar 21
240.066 ETH
$ 430,000
470.303 ETH
$ 841,000
Mar 22
3.24 ETH
$ 5,793
530.514 ETH
$ 949,000
Mar 18
439.828 ETH
$ 787,000
Mar 11
225.411 ETH
$ 404,000
150.099 ETH
$ 269,000
Mar 23
0.877 ETH
$ 1,568
348.203 ETH
$ 623,000
Mar 17
156.878 ETH
$ 281,000
Mar 21
137.982 ETH
$ 247,000
Mar 11
194.181 ETH
$ 348,000
Mar 2
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About Moonbirds

A collection of 10,000 PFPs which grant their holders access to the digital and IRL Moonbirds community. Community members can nest their birds to signal their commitment, in return for exclusive perks—which so far have included trait-based physical and digital drops, the Oddities, and time-based nesting rewards.Moonbird art is entirely in-chain, meaning the images are outputted directly from the smart contract, with no need for storage on IPFS or the like. There are also special gradient backgrounds available to Proof Collective pass holders, which will disappear when the bird is transfered. You can check what each bird looks like with and without this background (and see if they have any unclaimed rewards!) on our [site]
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Moonbirds collection - members' wallets, sales stats and reviews
FAQ Moonbirds
Is there a Discord?

Yes, but the Moonbirds channels are NFT-gated (you must hold a Moonbird to enter) inside the PROOF Discord. Once inside, you will have access to private Moonbirds channels that will include information on nesting, community events, upcoming drops, and more. PROOF Collective Members will also have access to this channel, creating the opportunity for the two communities to hang out.

Is there a guaranteed mint allowlist?

Yes, but the allowlist raffle is now closed.

We’ll announce allowlist winners 9am PT on Friday, April 15, 2022 at https://www.premint.xyz/moonbirds-allowlist-raffle. All eligible winners will have a 3-hour window to mint: 9:00am - 12:00pm PT April 16, 2022.

You can learn more about our decision to use a raffle.

All PROOF Collective members will receive two (2) guaranteed allowlist mints per their PROOF Collective Pass. PROOF Collective Pass holders are still eligible to enter the raffle.

What if some winners on the guaranteed mint allowlist do not mint?

We will randomly select more winners from the raffle and notify them via https://www.premint.xyz/moonbirds-allowlist-raffle/verify. To ensure that your email is registered in PREMINT, go to https://premint.xyz/profile and enter your email. For added security, you may choose to add an Anti-Phishing Code to guarantee the email you get comes from PREMINT.

What are the maximum mints per wallet?

One mint per wallet is allowed per allowlist winner.

What time can guaranteed mint allowlist winners mint?

9:00am - 12:00pm PT April 16, 2022

How are the 10,000 Moonbirds distributed?
  • 7,875: Public sale to allowlist winners

  • 2,000: PROOF Collective Members (1,000 passes) each receive two free mints

  • 125: PROOF wallet for future collaborations, marketing, and advisors

What intellectual property rights do Moonbirds holders receive?

Owners of Moonbirds have full commercial art rights for the Moonbird they own. Full details coming soon (prior to launch)

What are the funds being used for?

100% of proceeds go directly to PROOF Holdings Inc, a True Ventures backed web3 media company. We have big plans (video) and this funding will be used solely to expand our team and launch new products — ultimately creating additional value for our community.

Is there a future roadmap?

As with all things PROOF, we like to under promise and over deliver. To get a sneak peak into our future, including our project codenamed Highrise, our unique take on the Metaverse, please watch our Future PROOF presentation.

I’m a PROOF Collective Member. Will my Moonbird be different?

All Moonbirds are created equal (except for the rarity of their attributes). That said, we’re working on a way to signify your membership in the PROOF Collective with a special background for your Moonbird. This background will only be enabled while you hold it in the same wallet as your PROOF Collective pass. If you choose to sell this Moonbird, the PROOF Collective background will be removed and it will revert to its original state. This functionality is not enabled at launch, but our team is working on shipping it shortly thereafter.

What are the rewards for nesting?

The longer you nest your Moonbird, the more rewards you’ll accumulate. We want to reward community members who are 💎🤲. We’ll be announcing specific rewards and reward tiers in the near future

How soon after mint will nesting be available?

Nesting will launch a few days after the auction has completed

Are there other benefits to nesting my Moonbird?

When a Moonbird is nested, it cannot be stolen using some of the more common phishing techniques we have seen recently, all of which rely on the standard ERC721 transfer functions.

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