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27 Oct 2023

Top 4 social networks for NFT enthusiasts

Today, we will discuss the main social networks in the Web3 world that can help you stay updated on the latest news, discover new collections, and access WhiteLists.

X (Twitter)

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Most projects start with Twitter. It is used to announce drops, collections, collaborations, and other important news. English-speaking experts in the cryptosphere share their thoughts, insider information, discuss promising collections, and help newcomers understand the crypto sphere.

Twitter is often used for shilling, which is the PR of a project using hashtags and calls for reposts. Effective shilling helps attract potential buyers and influencers for further promotion.

Twitter Influencers

Twitter influencers have a significant impact on the NFT market. They are experienced collectors who discover unknown authors and help collections reach a larger audience. For example, when Artchick.eth featured the Top Dog Beach Club collection, it sold out completely within hours, whereas before this, sales lasted a week.

Top influencers

  • Pranksy: With almost 440 thousand followers on Twitter, Pranksy has participated in the sales of breakthrough collections like Punks, Bored Apes, and Women of World. He has a talent for selecting the best from newly published collections.

  • Crypto Gorilla: An influencer with 157 thousand followers on Twitter and a YouTube channel, Crypto Gorilla is known for endorsing projects that have good returns.

  • Ameer Hussain: With 225 thousand followers on Twitter, Ameer Hussain is the creator of several successful projects and often acts as an advisor. He is part of the top ten alpha groups with his alpha Dark Echelon.

It is important to follow influencers, but conducting your own research (DYOR) is necessary.


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Discord provides a convenient division of chats by topic, including announcements, mint information, and even a chat for GM-GN messages. Discord features functions that allow users to earn points for activities, obtain roles on the server, and win WhiteLists.

Project teams also organize AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions on Discord, where users can ask questions, participate in quizzes, and win tokens.


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Similar to Discord, Telegram offers broadcasts and easy channel navigation. On Telegram, you can find influencers who share their thoughts on the NFT market (e.g., Elena Sheidlina), as well as media outlets that provide useful information such as announcements, news, project updates, and beginner guides.


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On Medium, experts write detailed articles about the market, review collections, and provide guides on how to access WhiteLists in projects. The content on Medium is mostly in English, but the articles are written in simple language.

By the way, you can become an author on Medium yourself. The platform has a developed monetization system based on the number of views.

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