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21 Nov 2023

The Blockchain Gaming Industry Reaches a Record of 1 Million Unique Active Wallets per Day

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    The blockchain gaming industry has achieved a new milestone, reaching a record of 1 million unique active wallets per day (dUAW). This indicates a growing interest and engagement in blockchain gaming.

    Leading the pack is WAX, the most popular blockchain for games, with a staggering 406,030 dUAW. This represents an impressive 8% increase compared to the numbers in September. The rise in popularity can be attributed to the success of Alien Worlds and the availability of a diverse collection of 150 games, offering something for every gaming enthusiast.

    Apart from WAX, there are several other popular blockchains in the gaming industry:

    • BNB Chain, with a notable increase of 13% to 178,814 dUAW, demonstrating a growing user base.

    • NEAR Protocol, experiencing a remarkable surge of 34% to 229,603 dUAW, showcasing its potential and appeal.

    • Celo, which witnessed an astounding growth rate of 538% to 198,165 dUAW, all thanks to the introduction of the captivating game called BLCR.

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    However, it's not all smooth sailing for every blockchain. Solana and Arbitrum experienced a decline in gaming activity, with Solana witnessing a 2% decrease and Arbitrum facing a 1% decrease.

    Turning our attention to specific games within the blockchain gaming realm:

    • Pixels made a strategic move by migrating to the Ronin Network, expanding its reach and potential audience.

    • Alien Worlds continues to hold the title as the most popular game, captivating gamers with its immersive gameplay and engaging mechanics.

    • Sweat Economy, a recently launched game in the USA, has gained a substantial number of users, indicating a promising future.

    Metaverse statistics reveal promising growth as well. The trading volume witnessed a commendable 19% increase, reaching an impressive $3.8 million. Additionally, there was a notable 17% increase in sales of "land," signifying a vibrant and thriving virtual economy.

    The Web3 gaming sector also attracted significant investments in October, totaling a staggering $154 million. Notably, the NEOM fund made substantial investments in Animoca Brands, while WEMIX invested in Chinese developers, showcasing the global interest and financial backing in this industry.

    Looking ahead, DappRadar predicts even faster growth for the sector in 2024. This forecast suggests that the blockchain gaming industry will continue to expand and evolve, providing exciting opportunities for developers, investors, and gamers alike. What are your thoughts on this projected growth?

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    Article: The Blockchain Gaming Industry Reaches a Record of 1 Million Unique Active Wallets per Day
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