2 Sept 2022

NFT Analytics Tools

How to keep up to date with numerous NFT projects that appear on the market every day and constantly change in price? How do you know If an NFT is valuable? Here are some of the most important NFT analysis tools that you should know about.

Rarity Tools

It is a website dedicated to ranking generative art and collectible NFTs by rarity. performs two main functions:

  1. The site allows you to track collections, the sale of which starts only in a day or two, or has just begun - this is the "Upcoming" tab

  2. It allows you to evaluate the rarity of a particular NFT in a particular collection, because the rarer it is, the higher its value.

The "All collections" tab contains all the collections hosted on the resource, sorted by total sales of tokens in ETH.

Once you go to the collection page, you will see the NFT grid in that collection. sorts all NFTs from rarest to least unique by default. Here, in the sidebar, you can set up filters by rarity, price, listing type, and Traits of NFTs in this collection.

If you want to see more details about a particular NFT, you can either click on the NFT image itself or paste the Token ID into the "ID" field in the top left corner and then click "Lookup". You can find the NFT ID on the OpenSea listing page either in the NFT header or in the details section on the left side of the page in the Token ID field.

Almost everything is the same as in the previous paragraph, but if has NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, then here NFTs are on the Solana blockchain. On this site, we are interested in the "UPCOMING DROPS" button.

The site lists many collections of Solana NFTs based on price, number of items and holders, whether NFTs are on sale, and more. As with Rarity Tools, within each collection, you can find NFTs by their rarity. Under each NFT, you can find its rarity rank, rarity score, and detailed attribute information. There is also a sales history section where you can find information about recent sales.


Here you can see absolutely all collections that have already been released, distributed by NFT Sales Volume in dollars. You can also follow the dynamics of price changes over the last day, see how NFTs are doing on different blockchains, fan token trading volumes, the top last NFTs sold, and much more.

The service is convenient not only for analyzing individual collections but also for the entire NFT market as a whole. All the necessary indicators are right on the main page, and by clicking the "NFT Rankings" button, you can see a more detailed table of collections with the dynamics of the number of buyers and sellers, transactions (sometimes they can be referred to as Txns) and the ability to select a period for analysis.


Here we can see especially hyped for a certain period of time (which is selected at the top, above the list) collections. The indicators here are as follows: floor price, the number of trades, the number of unique buyers, and the number of the trading volume of the collection. There is also an interesting indicator, Whale Owners - this is the number of large investors who have entered the project. As a rule, a relatively low floor price with a large number of whales (5-6 is quite enough) is an indicator that the project is worth looking at.


There are many standard grading criteria, and everyone can use their own, but let's take a closer look at a few of the most basic ones:

  • Utility 

The utility is at the core of any digital asset. Without it, the token becomes useless and therefore, in low demand.

The practical value of NFT increases its initial cost: over time, it can increase along with the growing popularity of the issuing project and the pace of its development.

  • Rarity

Rare, high-demand NFTs often attract more buyers and sell for higher prices. Third-party platforms like can help you understand how rare NFTs really are. 

  • Community

Community is the deciding factor for NFTs. The project may have 50,000 members, but the community will be disgusting. Conversely, 1000 people can be a super cool community that can quickly grow dozens of times. Look at the involvement of people and carefully check the social networks of the projects you are interested in, if they have several thousand participants, but only 10 people like and comment on the posts - something is clearly wrong here.


The information in this article should be considered as advice, not the absolute truth. It is generally impossible to predict the future value of NFTs, even with the help of highly accurate tools. It is determined by market forces and the market is unpredictable, so the user should do a thorough analysis before buying something.

Although NFTs attract speculators whose goal is profit, users should carefully weigh extrinsic factors like an NFT’s utility or rarity with intrinsic factors like whether they value the NFT on a personal value. Each beholder evaluates NFT differently. Even NFTs that, on the secondary market, command little value, can be priceless for a certain owner, no matter how anyone denies it.

NFT-Birdies is a NFT Analytics and Data platform where you can get a lot of information about NFTs, upcoming minting events, new collections and the development of existing NFTs. Our mission is to make the NFT market clear and understandable for all its participants.
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