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17 Apr 2023

Mindverse Launches Global Beta for Web3 Industry

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    Singapore-based AI firm Mindverse is preparing to launch its closed beta globally. The platform is not only targeting the Web3 industry but also other sectors. Mindverse's AI technology allows users to create AI Geniuses or virtual beings that can assist businesses with sales and service delivery. The closed beta launch will take place on April 18th, where attendees will have access to a deep dive into Mindverse's core technology. The platform's AI Geniuses can be customized in terms of their appearance, personality, knowledge domain, and app integration before deployment. Mindverse can also train the AI Geniuses using unsorted data, resulting in high-quality responses that match a given brand's voice.

    One of the most interesting aspects of Mindverse's virtual beings is their ability to work with NFTs. Mindverse's AI Geniuses can assist users with queries and guidance in a particular virtual world, making them suitable for deployment as NFT avatars in various metaverses. Mindverse is among the first projects to link AI and blockchain technology, and both new and existing Web3 AI projects can leverage the platform to design and deploy AI Geniuses that can save time and increase productivity. The platform's intelligent virtual beings are highly customizable and offer a range of potential use cases beyond the Web3 industry.

    Fangbo Tao, Mindverse's co-founder and CEO, expressed the company's eagerness to receive feedback from closed beta participants. Mindverse's Closed Beta Launch includes an AMA with the founders and a closed beta license to explore the MindOS technology. MindOS web3 AI technology enables users to customize their AI assistants' appearance, personality, knowledge domain, and app integration before deployment.

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    Article: Mindverse Launches Global Beta for Web3 Industry
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