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24 Nov 2023

MetaRun: Combining Classic Endless Runner with PvP Elements


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MetaRun is a captivating mobile-based infinite runner game that seamlessly merges traditional gameplay mechanics with innovative features powered by smart contracts, including NFTs, DeFi, and blockchain technology. In this article, we will explore the unique gameplay and features that MetaRun brings to the table.

A Competitive Twist on the Endless Runner Genre

MetaRun takes the beloved genre of endless runner games, popularized by titles like Temple Run, and injects it with a fresh dose of competitiveness. Unlike its predecessors, MetaRun is not just a solo adventure; it is a real-time competitive battleground that offers character-based tactical gameplay.

Nostalgia Meets Innovation

Stepping into the whimsical world of MetaRun, players will experience a wave of nostalgia. The three-lane track, obstacle dodging, and coin collecting pay homage to the thrills of Temple Run. However, MetaRun introduces an exciting competitive twist with its Endless-Run and Battle-Run modes, allowing players to race against the game or real opponents.

Choose Your Hero, Unleash Their Potential

In MetaRun, players have the opportunity to choose from a diverse selection of heroes to represent them in the race. Each hero not only provides visual diversity but also brings unique stats and abilities to the table. Rarity plays a role in the leveling system, with Commons reaching a maximum level of 5 and Epics soaring to level 15. Leveling up your hero enhances their stats range, but acquiring rarer heroes may come at a premium currency cost, sparking debates about its impact on gameplay.

Power-Ups and Clear Paths

As players dash through the lanes, avoiding obstacles and outpacing rivals, the primary goal is to amass coins and power-ups. Each power-up has its own unlocking method, adding an element of strategy to the game. Some power-ups are hero-specific, while others rely on flask collection or are randomly selected from crates along the track. Regardless of their appearance, all power-ups serve one purpose: to clear the path for an unobstructed run.

Intuitive Gameplay and Engaging Experience

MetaRun offers an intuitive gameplay experience, featuring responsive controls that make lane-switching, jumping, and sliding under obstacles a breeze. The vibrant graphics and smooth animations create a visually pleasing adventure. The whimsical theme, combined with the upbeat music, enhances engagement, immersing players in the thrilling world of MetaRun.

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Room for Improvement

While MetaRun excels in combining the endless runner genre with PvP elements, there is still room for improvement. The game could benefit from more power-up variety and additional challenges to maintain long-term player engagement. Although competing against real players adds excitement, the core gameplay could use extra features or modes to keep the experience fresh. Additionally, energy limitations for PvP races may disrupt the flow of the dip-in-and-out gameplay typically associated with this genre.

The Quest for a Thriving PvP Community

One challenge that MetaRun currently faces is the necessity to participate in unranked PvP games to earn energy, which can be hindered by a relatively low player base. Finding opponents for races can prove challenging, potentially posing a significant hurdle for a game that aims to distinguish itself through its PvP features. However, the presence of leaderboards offering various rewards, including energy and premium currency, adds an additional layer of competition and motivation.


In conclusion, MetaRun successfully combines the classic endless runner genre with PvP elements, providing an exciting and competitive twist. While it may not revolutionize the genre, the diverse selection of heroes and the engaging progression system give players a reason to return and strive for greatness. However, the game's enjoyment and potential can be significantly enhanced by the growth of a more substantial PvP player base.


  • PvP potential

  • Diverse selection of heroes

  • Multiple leaderboards


  • Lack of player base

  • Superficial variety

  • Limited innovation in the genre

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Article: MetaRun: Combining Classic Endless Runner with PvP Elements
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