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21 May 2024

Imaginary Ones and HUGO have released Web3 denim jackets

Starting from March 14, these new denim jackets were available for pre-order in the Imaginary Ones community on Discord. All jackets sold out within just a few hours. The reservations were made in USDT, with each jacket priced at $350.

The jacket is part of the new HUGO BLUE line, aimed at attracting Generation Z to the brand.

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Web3 Personalization

Beneath the HUGO patch on the jacket, there's a hidden NFT tag. This provides access to Web3, allowing users to customize digital items without needing a special application.

Additionally, the patch can be replaced. The jacket comes with a DIY customization kit, which includes five patches from HUGO and Imaginary Ones.

Integration with Roblox and Airdrop

You can exchange your digital items for a unique Roblox skin. This skin is only available through a special bubble room within the game.

If a user trades an item for a Roblox skin, they will receive $350 in Imaginary Ones' BUBBLE Coin.

So, in the end, you essentially receive the jacket for free.

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Article: Imaginary Ones and HUGO have released Web3 denim jackets
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