2 Sept 2022

How to make money with NFT?

No matter how it sounds, you can really make a profit on NFT even from scratch, absolutely without investments, without creating any of your own projects. Let's see how to do it!

Play-to-Earn Games

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The market for blockchain-based games is getting bigger and bigger. Unfortunately, despite the fact that there are quite a lot of P2E projects that literally pay you to play them, most of them have a certain entry threshold in the form of an initial investment. Somewhere they are not significant, but somewhere, for example, in STEPN this threshold is very high. However, there are projects that are either completely free or free only at the start.

For example, projects such as Sorare and FootballCoin, whose gameplay is based on buying and reselling collectible digital cards of different rarity (in this case, with football players), give each new player a certain starter kit, with which you can already earn some amount of cryptocurrency. Sometimes on such projects, there are free distributions of random NFTs, in which it is quite possible to win something rare and expensive.

Axie Infinity is the top-most player in the NFT gaming world. In this game, new players must buy at least three Axies. Moreover, it is a play-to-earn gaming model that motivates users to build Axies with the best in-game tools in order to sell them to other users at a profit which can include the rising price of the cryptocurrency.

Free giveaways and airdrops

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NFT projects often reward users. For example, many communities on Discord offer their members free NFTs for being active, doing something interesting, or even just for fun. Twitter and Telegram channels are good sources of information about these giveaways. So, Alien Worlds rewards players for participating in the community, because by selling their NFTs, whether bought or received for free, you increase the value of their token.

On Twitter, some companies are announcing prize draws that will also allow you to get free NFTs. Most often, participants in such events will be offered to subscribe to a group, comment on something, share a link, or otherwise take part in disseminating information about the project. And in the future, if the project continues to develop, these free NFTs can become very valuable.

This also includes contests and giveaways from various crypto exchanges. Binance,, and other companies periodically hold contests where users can receive NFT tokens as a gift. The options for requirements for customers who want to win are quite simple:

  • Register and get verified.

  • Invite referrals

  • Trade for a certain amount

In the NFT world, such a thing as multi-accounting takes a very important place, especially when it comes to giveaways, allowing you to earn much more on them.

Regarding independent search - there are a lot of sources. There are hundreds of thematic YouTube and Telegram channels, and various aggregators like DropsEarn, on which all ongoing, upcoming, and completed promotions are written. Also, if you follow a specific project, information about upcoming drops and other useful events will always be on their Discord and Twitter, don't forget about them.

In fact, there are a lot of ways to make money on blockchain technology and, in particular, NFT: with or without investments. In this article, only the main, most simple, and common items are mentioned.

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2 Sept 2022
2 Sept 2022



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Article: How to make money with NFT?
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