14 Nov 2022

Future of crypto by Benzinga | December 7, 2022

Don’t miss the biggest crypto event of the year

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Benzinga’s Future of Crypto conference, on Dec 7 in NYC, is the biggest day of the year for crypto enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, investors, and networkers to discover the #1 crypto ideas you can use today. Hear directly from hundreds of industry insiders and dozens of project creators like Kevin O’Leary, Anthony Scaramucci, Greg Solano, and many more!

The brightest minds in crypto and dealmaking, along with an exclusive group of attendees and a diverse lineup of famed industry speakers will take to New York City for this year's must-attend event.

Crypto’s down but not out, many of us are wondering if 2022 marks the end of crypto or a new beginning. That’s why you’re going to want to attend in person, to meet other like-minded investors and entrepreneurs… and be in the same room as some of the smartest and most recognizable people in the world, like Mr. Wonderful.

With so many smart people in the room, at past events, we’ve seen business partnerships form, equity and debt investments take place, heard product licensing discussions, merger and acquisition talks, investments you could take part in immediately, and more…

This is the type of event where you could learn the name of the next big 10x investment and have drinks with some of the brightest minds in all of finance and business.

The benzinga experience

This year, they’re hosting our 2022 Crypto event at the luxurious Pier Sixty – the largest waterfront venue in all of New York City. This is the most exclusive venue on the west side of Manhattan, located in the heart of the historic Chelsea Piers. 

Some of the biggest companies in the world have hosted events here, like Spotify, Microsoft, Google, BuzzFeed, IBM, Delta Airlines, Duke University… and now Benzinga. 

All attendees can look forward to amazing food, top-shelf alcohol, and some of the best nightlife and luxury shopping experiences around. And the service at Pier Sixty is hands down, one of the best white glove experiences you’ll ever have.

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Article: Future of crypto by Benzinga | December 7, 2022
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