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24 May 2023

Floor prices of Top NFT collections in 2022 have fallen, causing them to lose their shine

    The NFT market has been experiencing some major changes in 2022, with some of the top collections losing their shine and floor prices falling drastically. Among these collections is the Doodles collection, which has seen a significant 90% decline in its floor price, plummeting from 23 ETH to a mere 2.3 ETH.

    Similarly, Moonbirds, which was once a highly sought-after collection, has also fallen from its heights. Floor prices for Moonbirds have dropped a staggering 94%, from 32 ETH to just 2.1 ETH.

    Another collection that has fallen victim to the fall in NFT prices is the Goblintown NFT collection, which once had a floor price of 6 ETH but now stands at a meager 0.27 ETH.

    The Invisible Friends collection has also seen a significant decline in its floor prices, falling 85% from 8 ETH to 1.15 ETH.

    Despite these declines, it is important to note that the NFT market is still evolving and changing rapidly, and there may be opportunities for collectors and investors to find value in other collections that have yet to experience the same decline.

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    Article: Floor prices of Top NFT collections in 2022 have fallen, causing them to lose their shine
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