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30 Oct 2023

Exploring Crypto Raiders: An Interactive Dungeon Crawler on the Blockchain


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Crypto Raiders is an immersive dungeon crawler game built on the Polygon blockchain. With its captivating gameplay, questing system, guild structure, and professions like Herbalism, it offers an exciting and engaging experience for players.

Unraveling the World of Crypto Raiders

Step into a world where dungeons await your exploration and combat skills. Equipped with different abilities, you'll navigate through challenging dungeons, collecting loot and gaining valuable experience along the way. The game features eleven unique characters, each with their own strengths and abilities. These characters can be purchased on the secondary marketplace on OpenSea, adding an element of collectibility to the game. To unleash the full potential of these characters, players must create an account within the game and connect it to their NFT wallet.

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Engaging Battles and Rewarding Encounters

Inside the dungeons, players encounter a variety of creatures, each presenting its own set of challenges. Engage in strategic battles using the abilities and loot you've acquired. What sets Crypto Raiders apart is the ability to own mobs that other players may face within dungeons. These mobs, represented as NFTs, offer an additional layer of excitement. If your mob defeats an opponent's character, you'll earn not only the coveted $aurum token but also a share of the loot. To aid in your quest for dungeon domination, health potions and other items, such as damage potions, can be utilized effectively.

Embark on Quests and Master Professions

Crypto Raiders offers more than just dungeon exploration. Engage in quests outside of dungeons to acquire valuable items and enhance your profession's skill level. These quests, while time-consuming, provide a rewarding experience. Be prepared to invest several hours in these quests, as they temporarily disable the ability to run dungeons. The items obtained from quests can be combined with aurum to craft potions and other useful items, adding depth and versatility to your gameplay.

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Aesthetics and Gameplay Experience

Crypto Raiders delivers a visually appealing experience with its pixelated graphic design. While the level of detail could be further enhanced, the overall design works well within the context of the game. The audio design effectively immerses players in the game's world, especially during scene transitions and combat. However, there is room for improvement in terms of sound effects, particularly when navigating the main site and engaging in combat.

Gameplay in Crypto Raiders offers a satisfying core loop, challenging players to strategize and make the most of their characters' abilities. However, it's important to note that each character is limited to running five dungeons per week, unless additional dungeon keys are purchased using aurum. This introduces a sense of progression and resource management, adding depth to the game. On the downside, quests, while easily accessible, lack the excitement and thrill found in dungeon exploration. The user interface of the main menu could benefit from a more visually appealing design to enhance the overall user experience.

Challenges and Room for Improvement

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Despite its many strengths, Crypto Raiders faces some challenges. Persistent bugs have been reported, causing issues with logging into the game and hindering gameplay. This is an area that requires immediate attention to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for players. Another significant drawback is the absence of an in-game tutorial. Providing newcomers with a comprehensive tutorial would greatly improve the onboarding experience and alleviate the initial learning curve.


Crypto Raiders offers a diverse range of gameplay options, catering to both active dungeon crawling and passive quest completion. With its captivating gameplay mechanics, questing system, and guild structure, it provides an immersive and enjoyable experience for players. While the game's visual design and audio elements are satisfactory, there is room for improvement in terms of graphics detail and sound effects. The core gameplay loop is engaging, although limitations on dungeon runs per week and lackluster quests could be addressed to enhance the overall experience. Finally, addressing persistent bugs and implementing an in-game tutorial would greatly benefit newcomers and ensure a smoother gameplay experience.


  • Offers a mix of active and passive gameplay options for players

  • Demonstrates effective integration of different game elements


  • Features pixel graphics with limited detail

  • Lacks an in-game tutorial

  • Encounters persistent game bugs

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Article: Exploring Crypto Raiders: An Interactive Dungeon Crawler on the Blockchain
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