11 Nov 2022

Analysis of a top NFT collector: Pranksy


Pranksy is probably one of the coolest and most far-sighted collectors in the NFT space. He is arguably the best in the business; he (if it is indeed a he) is one the top crypto NFT pros. Trading under the Pranksy handle since January 2018, he’s been involved (and EARLY-involved) in all the breakthrough collections: Punks, Bored Apes, and Women of World. He is the one who holds the maximum number of cool collectibles in the NFT.

Social networks and sites




Also, Pranksy prefers to mint rather than pick up projects from the secondary market. He is always among the first in any top project. This is beneficial for both him and the projects.

Pranksy’s Identity

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Who is actually hiding under the identity of Pranksy is unknown? Is Pranksy a person? A team? We don’t really know and maybe never will. But what we know for sure is that he needs to be monitored everywhere. Most likely, if he shills some project, it will definitely become popular.


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He is also the founder of the NFT BOXES project, which promises a monthly drop of collections from famous artists in collaboration with Pranksy. He has over 434k followers on his Twitter account and has made over 8300 tweets.

Wallet transactions

His wallet is very diverse because there are 37.3k items! There you can find Doodle 6914 for 270 ETH, WoW 9034, Otherdeed 59512 from Koda and sooo much more.

Following his social media is a must as he is arguably the biggest player in the ETH NFT scene.

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Article: Analysis of a top NFT collector: Pranksy
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