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for the positive trend in liquidity, market valuation and price dynamics
Legends of Venari Alpha Pass
Legends of Venari Alpha Pass
Count: 3150

Volume: 1,217 ETH ($ 3M)

Floor price: 0.018 ETH
This collection is for **Alpha Passes** in Legends of Venari.Legends of Venari is a creature collecting RPG on the Ethereum Blockchain.Across the land of Caerras, the factions of Azule, Talaw, and Vestal compete in the Great Race to find the rarest of Venari. Will you be the one to collect them all?...
+2 positions
for the positive trend in liquidity, market valuation and price dynamics
Suga Squad
Count: 2560

Volume: 74 ETH ($ 137,000)

Floor price: 0.0268 ETH
The Official NFT collection of Suga Sean O'Malley.The goal of the Suga Squad NFT project is to create an authentic community of individuals who support and connect through a digital medium. Token holders are eligible for merch drops, product giveaways and, real-life event invites and benefits. The p...
+2 positions
for the positive trend in liquidity, market valuation and price dynamics

Volume: 303 ETH ($ 559,000)

Floor price: ETH
FashionDuck is a fashion brand since 2019. It mainly uses all kinds of humanoid ducks in the future as our IP image, and pursues the trendy and free personality concept. FashionDuck holds well established manufacturing and delivery supply network in the world based on AMAZON . We have a complete cha...
VSP Black Card

Volume: 40 ETH ($ 72,582)

Floor price: 6 ETH
The Black Card is the newest pass to be introduced to the VSP ecosystem. It features it's own unique utility with top-tier NFT airdrops and partner mints, premium sports gifts and collectibles, eligibility to all VSP raffles, and 1 guaranteed annual IRL sports experience. There will only ever be 70...

Volume: 22 ETH ($ 39,542)

Floor price: 0.0089 ETH
Born from hundreds of prompts, SynapticSanctuary is a collaboration between our creative team and GPT-4, resulting in 7 unique generative art algorithms.Discover the fusion of human creativity and AI!
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Women Unite
Women Unite
I am so proud and incredibly excited about this women's project. We need more of us girls out there in the NFT world. This collection Women Unite skyrocketing really fast and have such an amazing cau
Amazing :)
Nice rat! Lol
Huge fan of her anime art 🙌
Let’s goooo! Best project upcoming for 2022 🚀
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