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Top Sales of Otherdeed for Otherside

208 ETH
$ 372,000
Mar 22
208 ETH
$ 372,000
Mar 22
115 ETH
$ 206,000
Mar 22
115 ETH
$ 206,000
Mar 21
105 ETH
$ 188,000
Mar 2
73 ETH
$ 131,000
Mar 9
60.607 ETH
$ 109,000
Mar 6
50 ETH
$ 89,394
Mar 1
38.5 ETH
$ 68,834
Mar 14
35 ETH
$ 62,576
Feb 22
29 ETH
$ 51,849
Feb 28
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Top Wallets of Otherdeed for Otherside

NumberAddressTransactionsPurchase AmountSales AmountLast Deal
1469.671 ETH
$ 3M
1596.19 ETH
$ 3M
Mar 24
586.013 ETH
$ 2M
585.617 ETH
$ 2M
Mar 24
216.846 ETH
$ 388,000
356.451 ETH
$ 638,000
Mar 9
191.543 ETH
$ 343,000
178.147 ETH
$ 319,000
Mar 24
44.499 ETH
$ 79,559
324.026 ETH
$ 580,000
Mar 23
178.919 ETH
$ 320,000
180.837 ETH
$ 324,000
Mar 24
263.094 ETH
$ 471,000
Mar 24
236.274 ETH
$ 423,000
Mar 24
18.856 ETH
$ 33,713
197.741 ETH
$ 354,000
Mar 19
201.21 ETH
$ 360,000
Mar 24
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About Otherdeed for Otherside

Otherdeed is the key to claiming land in Otherside. Each have a unique blend of environment and sediment — some with resources, some home to powerful artifacts. And on a very few, a Koda roams.

There will be a total of 200,000 Otherdeeds. The first 100,000 Otherdeeds are available on April 30, 2022. The second 100,000 Otherdeeds will be exclusively rewarded to Voyagers who hold Otherdeeds and contribute to the development of Otherside.

For those with Bored Apes or Mutants, your Otherdeed awaits your claim. For all other adventurers, Otherdeeds will be available for sale with ApeCoin.

Users reviews
boomBest comment
Wow! Actually the land I am currently holding is a Rainbow Atmos land with Runa trait. I don’t know much about rarity but I hope I got a good plot.
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Otherdeed for Otherside collection - members' wallets, sales stats and reviews
FAQ Otherdeed for Otherside
Wen mint?

The mint will begin at 9pm ET on 4/30.

What is the mint price?

305 ApeCoin per Otherdeed.

How does the mint work?

Minting will be done in waves — the price per Otherdeed will stay the same, and the per-wallet limit will increase. At the start of the sale (wave 1), there will be a limit of 2 Otherdeeds minted per wallet. As soon as gas returns to reasonable levels and the amount of wallets minting decelerates, wave 2 will begin, during which KYCed wallets can mint up to an additional 4 Otherdeeds. Each increase in the per-wallet limit will be announced on the Otherside official channels: @OthersideMeta on Twitter, and Discord: discord.gg/the-otherside.

Here’s the Mirror post on how we decided on the mint mechanics and details on how it works.

What are the requirements to mint?

There are four requirements to mint in the sale:

  • ApeCoin for minting

  • ETH for gas

  • Prior KYC approval through Blockpass

  • Wallet pre-approval, which can be done on this site starting at 9am ET on 4/30.

Note: You can only mint with the wallet you KYCed and pre-approved with.

How many Otherdeeds are available to mint?

A total of 55,000 Otherdeeds will be available for purchase by KYCed wallets.

I KYCed but didn’t approve my wallet yet. Can I still mint?

It is highly recommended that you pre-approve your wallet before the mint. That said, if your KYC was approved, then yes - you can still approve your wallet during the mint. The approval will be a separate transaction right before the mint transaction that grants the smart contract permission to access your funds to mint.

I didn’t KYC. Can I still mint an Otherdeed?

No. KYC approval is required to mint an Otherdeed.

Is this mint the only chance to get an Otherdeed or participate in Otherside?

No. The Otherside contains 200,000 unique plots of land that can be claimed with Otherdeeds when Otherside launches. The first 100,000 Otherdeeds are available on April 30, 2022. The biomes featured in the next 100,000 Otherdeeds have yet to be revealed.

How do I know if something is an Otherside scam?
  • There are four requirements to mint in the sale:

    • Impersonators claiming to be involved in a project, tagging people in a post with a link

    • Impersonators DMing people links

    • Fake support accounts phishing for seed phrases

    • Fake airdrops that look legit, but direct people to a scam website

    • Impostor discord servers

    • Fake giveaways asking for personal info, including seed phrase

    The official Twitter account is @OthersideMeta and the official discord is discord.gg/the-otherside. You’ll also see announcements cross-posted from @boredapeyc, @yugalabs, and @animocabrands, as well as on BAYC’s discord at discord.gg/bayc.

    Don’t reply to or click on anything from any other accounts, tags, DMs, emails, skywriting, carrier pigeons, anyone. Founders, and mods will not tag nor DM you. And never enter your seed phrase.

    Basically, if it seems too good to be true or it doesn’t come from official accounts, it’s a red flag. You can learn more about keeping your wallets and assets safe here.

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