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About Meta Adventure Official

Meta Adventure is an online multiplayer Play-To-Earn platform featuring exciting games. Our Metaverse is populated by NFTs you can collect and use across different worldswhich can be customized to your needs, in a series of games to come in PC, Mobile and VR.

Meta Adventure is an NFT collection based on the Ethereum blockchain. Ownership of the NFT will give you access to your avatar in our Metaverse, which will continuously host more games and other content over time. Your avatar will be able to play our P2E games and, by doing so, acquire Meta Gaming Tokens (MGT), our in-game currency. This currency will have many uses, including upgrading your NFT stats and traits but also getting them the most adequate outfit for the trials he’s about to face!

Most P2E games are exactly what they stand for : you only play the game because you want to earn something from it. Our vision is to release an enjoyable gameplay along with high-quality art to provide a great gaming experience, while earning rewards that allow you to compete for the leaderboard and grab unique rewards, or simply enjoy seeing your characters grow in strength.

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