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Katabolicz Genesis

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Katabolicz Genesis #867
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Katabolicz Genesis #843
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About Katabolicz Genesis

Katabolicz is a collection of 888 Genesis Katz brave enough to venture out of the lab and into the harsh unknown. Bodies mutated but minds wise from years of experimentation, these Genesis Katz have sworn to protect their species and guide them into a bright new world!Holders of Genesis Katz will not only receive beautifully designed pieces of art but also exclusive access to limited edition Phygital drops to rock IRL and in the metaverse!
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FAQ Katabolicz Genesis
Who Are We?

We are a team with years of fashion and E-commerce experience, with backing from a conglomerate of manufacturers with more than 30+ years of experience in producing high quality goods for brands such as Disney, Sanrio, Bandai, Giorgio Armani, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana.

The Katabolic Advantage & Our Ambitions

Katabolicz is a real business backed by a supply chain network and real world assets. This means we already have manufacturing plants & fulfilment centers that are owned by us. Our ability to produce high-quality physical products will be forever intertwined with our metaverse ambitions. Just Imagine purchasing a physical product and receiving its wearable voxel equivalent for the metaverse!

Which blockchain are we on?

Katabolicz is on the Ethereum blockchain.

What is the total supply of Katz?

The total supply of Genesis Katz is 888. The supply of our V2 collection is yet to be announced.

Do Katabolicz have any utility?

Yes! Katabolicz will have a ton of utilities which only Katz have access to.  Katz will get to partake in exclusive physical and digital drops, collaborative drops, real-life events, access to our Kataverse and much more!

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