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DSC is a basically korean-friendly NFT collecting social club. DSC started from Klaytn chain on 07/09/2021. 

This 2nd collection of DSC has been launched on 11/22/2021 to meet korean users in Ethereum and international friends. We will do our best to make sure our new friends are not alienated and adapt well. DSC is operating govenance based on DSC NFT. eMATES will have same voting power with MATES for DSC governance. 1 eMATE is 1 voting power. 1 MATE is also 1 voting power. No superior power. Total number of voting power is 20,000. eMATEs occupies half of this as 10,000. eMATES is a customizable avatar NFT optimized for social media profiles. If you are the owner of the eMATE and pay Klaytn chain token $MIX, you can modify properties such as background, clothing, and pets of your eMATE.

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DSC | ROCKET GEEKS collection - members' wallets, sales stats and reviews
What is ‘Doge Sound Club’?

Doge Sound Club’ is Korea’s first On-chain PFP NFT project based on Klaytn chain.

Why is the name ‘Doge Sound Club’?

As the Name written ‘Doge Sound Club’ it’s a ‘club where you can bark’. Anyone who has an admission ticket can freely come in and talk about various thoughts. The tickets for the entrance is ‘MATE’, which is10,000 Generative Art NFT.

Where can we purchase "MATE"?

It can be purchases at ‘OPENSEA’ through secondary transaction, and you can also purchase it at ‘KLUBS’ which is a marketplace where it uses ‘MIX’ token.

What is ‘MIX’ token?

‘MIX’ token is a Cryptocurrency issued by ‘Doge Sound Club’. ‘MIX’ token acts as a key currency within Doge Sound Club’s ecosystem. You can mine certain amount of ‘MIX’ if you’re a holder of ‘MATE’.

Where can we purchase ‘MIX’ token?

You can currently purchase ‘MIX’ from ‘Klayswap’ and ‘Klayfi’.

What is ‘CloneCraft’?

‘CloneCraft’ is the first SNG genre P2E game in Korea, produced in collaboration with ‘Clones Never Die’ team.

What is ‘Ayias’?

‘Ayias’ is our own Metabus platform, which is the final destination of Doge Sound Club’s ecosystem.

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