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Cyber Finiliar

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About Cyber Finiliar

3,000 NFT of Cyber Finiliar.

Cyber Finiliar are elves who have escaped from the 3D world and are aiming for the 2D world, but while descending, an unexplained pixel storm occurs and the otherwise intact ones are morphologically altered by the effects of the pixel storm. 

The mishaps that occurred during the decent did not effect the ultimate purpose of their exodus, and the Cyber Finiliar gained a new life by shedding dimensions.

In a world far simpler than the 3D world, the complicated rules that existed only in the 3D world disappear completely, and Cyber Finiliar’s existence becomes even purer as a result.

The smile because they are happy.

The shed tears because they feel sad.

All complex emotions are deconstructed in this world and are freely expressed only in their original and simplest form.

It was perhaps with such brave good intentions that Cyber Finiliar decided to make its escape.

Inspired by Finiliar.

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