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Stats review

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Top Sales of CryptoKitties

$ 1,788
Mar 15
0.633 ETH
$ 1,132
Mar 6
0.348 ETH
$ 623
Feb 28
0.289 ETH
$ 517
Mar 14
0.216 ETH
$ 387
Mar 14
0.2 ETH
$ 358
Feb 24
0.189 ETH
$ 338
Mar 14
0.181 ETH
$ 324
Mar 8
0.121 ETH
$ 217
Mar 14
0.117 ETH
$ 210
Mar 7
0.116 ETH
$ 208
Mar 7
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Top Wallets of CryptoKitties

NumberAddressTransactionsPurchase AmountSales AmountLast Deal
0.04 ETH
$ 72
2.409 ETH
$ 4,308
Mar 24
0.812 ETH
$ 1,452
Mar 23
0.04 ETH
$ 72
0.04 ETH
$ 72
Mar 4
0.04 ETH
$ 72
Mar 4
0.003 ETH
$ 6
0.141 ETH
$ 253
Mar 22
0.027 ETH
$ 49
0.018 ETH
$ 33
Mar 22
0.03 ETH
$ 54
Mar 22
0.067 ETH
$ 120
Mar 12
0.031 ETH
$ 56
Mar 14
0.817 ETH
$ 1,461
Mar 20
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Father Sleepytruck
Father Sleepytruck
Gizmo Zippywall
Gizmo Zippywall

About CryptoKitties

CryptoKitties is a game centered around breedable, collectible, and oh-so-adorable creatures we call CryptoKitties! Each cat is one-of-a-kind and 100% owned by you; it cannot be replicated, taken away, or destroyed.
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FAQ CryptoKitties
Can I play on a mobile device?

You sure can! Mobile wallets like Coinbase Wallet and Trust support CryptoKitties. Plus, we’re building a mobile app for CryptoKitties, so you’ll soon be able to play everywhere!

Can I log in from multiple computers?

You can use CryptoKitties from multiple computers as long as you have your digital wallet installed on both.

Can I use a different browser?

We recommend sticking with Chrome or Firefox. It may be technically possible to use another browser, but we can’t guarantee optimal performance, so you may want to steer clear.

How do I get a CryptoKitty?

You can get a CryptoKitty in one of three ways:

  • Buy one from the Marketplace, which you can look through using the “Search” tab.

  • Breed two CryptoKitties together.

  • Receive one as a gift from another player (you still need a wallet to receive the Kitty).

How much does it cost to play CryptoKitties?
  • It costs money to buy a Kitty or breed Kitties. There’s also a small ‘gas’ fee paid to conduct transactions on the blockchain.

  • Buying: When you buy a Kitty, there’s no standard price. Users choose their own starting and ending price when they create an auction for their Kitty, and the price goes down until the Kitty is bought or the auction ends. Once an auction ends, the Kitty stays for sale at the final low auction price until its bought or the owner cancels the auction.

    • The CryptoKitties team releases a new “Gen 0” CryptoKitty every fifteen minutes. These Generation 0 Kitties started it all! They are born from the “Kitty Clock” and they have no parents. Only 50,000 will ever be created — collect them before they’re gone! The starting auction price of Gen 0 Kitties is determined by the average price of the last five CryptoKitties sold from the Kitty Clock, plus 50%.

  • Breeding: Every time you breed your Kitties, there’s a birthing fee. The birthing fee is collected by CryptoKitties, but it doesn’t go directly to us. It covers the cost of writing your new CryptoKitty onto the blockchain. From time to time we adjust the birthing fee to match current conditions in the Ethereum network.

    • If you choose to Sire a Kitty from the Marketplace instead of breeding two of your own Kitties, you also need to pay a Siring fee, which is set by the owner of the Kitty you choose to Sire with.

  • Gas: Transactions are secured on the Ethereum blockchain, and it costs a small fee for its miners to process the transaction. This ‘gas’ fee applies to every transaction in CryptoKitties.

How many CryptoKitties do I need to get started?

Just one! However, we recommend starting with two so that you can breed them together.

Where’s my Kitty? I just bought one but it’s not showing up in my account!

Transactions on the blockchain can take a few minutes to process, and then it can take a few more minutes for our website to sync with the blockchain. In other words, Kitties are typical cats — they do things on their own schedule.

Don’t worry, though. If the transaction was successful your Kitty belongs to you, and it will show up. The blockchain doesn’t lie.

How do I sell or Sire out a CryptoKitty? How do the auctions work?
  • After clicking on your Kitty, you will see buttons near its name for selling and Siring.

  • Kitty auctions can go up or down in price, and when the time expires, the price stops moving. The Kitty is only returned to you if you cancel the sale or Siring, or if your cat is Sired with. Putting a Kitty up for sale or siring is a transaction on the blockchain, so you have to pay a gas fee.

I sold a cat. Where’s my ETH?
  • If you successfully Sired or sold a cat through our marketplace, the other user definitely sent ether. Since the user paid for the Siring or sale through our smart contract, the payment isn’t reflected as a typical IN/OUT transaction in Etherscan. (Etherscan is a read-only interface for the Ethereum network that shows all events on the blockchain.)

  • To see the ether generated from CryptoKitty auctions, check the Internal Transactions tab for your address in Etherscan.

When I tried to buy a Kitty, it said, “Looks like you can’t buy this Kitty right now.” What gives?
  • This message is triggered when someone else buys the Kitty before your transaction goes through, or because the Kitty’s owner canceled the sale auction.

  • The Marketplace stops you from submitting transactions that will likely fail (to save you gas fees).

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